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Glover Memorials Art...

Pictures tell a thousand words, and so with memorials, art can often define and personalise the monument. We believe we can offer some of the best artwork available anywhere. Here are some innovative art projects that Glover Memorials has pioneered.

Design Work | Large Portraits | Custom Art | Light Blasting | Custom Stones | Laser Etching | Carved Memorials

...Design Work

We can take a 3D object and turn it into a piece of art that is meaningful to you, here are some examples

Clay Snail Knick-Knack drawn and then turned into a piece of art

Babies soft toy replicated into stone

Custom made Harley Davidson Motorbike reproduced in Granite

...Larger than life portraits

Larger than life portraits in natural, white, silver or 23ct Gold. These can be made from any photo, in any size and can be the perfect complement to any headstone. This portrait was done onto a full side of a 600X450 granite stone, and sits in the window of the Porirua showroom where it can be seen for hundreds of metres and attracts a lot of attention.

Compare this to the orignal photo

...Custom Art

We can work with you to find and create meaninful designs, symbols, emblems and logos that represent your family. Here is an example of a map of Rarotonga that we recently made for a client.

Ukelele Design with Stone shaped to fit.

...Light Blasting

Light blasting allows for any drawing or scene to be reproduced in an abstract way on granite. The effect can be stunning.

This Island scene is in the Porirua Showroom.

Plaque with Dove and Pages

Saddle with Coconut trees and pages

Mount Taranaki & Jumping Dolphins

Canoe outrigger

...Custom Stones

Glover Memorials have produced dozens of large scale coloured pictures on custom cut stones, these have included a guitar, teletubbies, an angel and many others.

This pooh bear stone is in the Porirua Showroom

This Memorial with Car is in the Taita Cemetery



...Laser Etching

Laser Etching allows for any picture or photo to be reproduced exactly on granite in black and white. It can then be coloured to produce a wonderful effect.

This Coloured Laser Etch is currently in our Lower Hutt Showroom

Photo Laser Etched on to a Vase Block to accompany a recumbent desk.

Puffin on a vase block

This huge Coloured Laser Etching tile display is in the Porirua Showroom

...Carved Granite

We are now offering extremely beautiful hand carved headstones which can add increased beauty to any memorial.