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Cremation is becoming an ever more popular way of taking care of deceased loved ones. However for many grieving families it often means not having a place to visit or the opportunity to develop a memorial that expresses their feelings. So urns or boxes sit around on mantelpieces or bookshelves for years for a lack of a suitably meaningful place to put them.


Most cemeteries have options for interring ashes. We can arrange all of the plot purchase and help you organise a suitable memorial. Even if you have scattered the ashes we can still arrange for a place and a memorial that can stand as a lasting monument, and a place to visit.

It is a very easy process and can bring a sense of peace and closure as the person will finally have a permanent resting place.

...Garden Rocks

These realistic manufactured rocks can be a versatile and meaningful memorial. Hollow inside they allow for the storage of your ashes. They are also tough and durable enough to be outside and part of your garden. Portable enough to take with you if you relocate. But most importantly we give you the opportunity to personalise your memorial with an inscription, artwork, and even a photo.

Rock with rectangle photo ceramic, inscription & artwork - Rock with granite plaque made for the SANDS conference