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Upright Designs...

Here are but a small selection of popular styles to get you thinking. However don't be limited to just these. We add to this section regularly but it is impossible to display the many thousands of different shapes and colour combinations possible.

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...Classic Designs

Black All Polished Saddle with Checks - Bahama Blue All Polished Camber

Grey All Polished Saddle - Grey Saddle with Rock Edges

Imperial Red All Polished Saddle - Kerala Green All Polished Camber

Silver Grey All Polished Saddle - Black Rock Edge Straight Top

Grey Rock Edge Camber - Black Rock Edge Camber

Paradiso All Polished Cathedral

Black Camber Desk with Checks - Green Camber Desk with Checks

...Popular Innovations

Black All Polished Temple with columns

Black All Polished Pearly Gates with Stepped Base

Black All Polished Ship with Bahama Blue Wave Top Headstone and Base

Black All Polished Tear Drop - Black Wave with Pitched Margins

Cathedral with cut margins - Large scallop wave

Black All Polished Half Saddle with Vase block

...Large Sets

Emerald Pearl Split Saddle with Statue - Black High Saddle with Pillars

Green Split Saddle with Alcove and Statue - Radius Top with Alcove


Bahama Blue All Polished Round with 2 little Hearts - Black All Polished Inset Heart

Black All Polished MeKenna Heart - Black All Polished Heart with 2 Carved Dolphins

Double Heart

...Scrolls & Books

Black All Polished Scroll Desk - Black All Polished Closed Book with Red Spine

Black All Polished Book

Short T28 Book desk with rock edges - Large T28 Book desk with Jesus Statue Divider


Carved Teddy Bear Oval - Pooh Bear Custom stone (can be done with any character)

Tractor in Green


Celtic Cross with Deep Blasted Celtic Design - Cut out cross from two granite slabs

Cross on Large Recumbent Desk


Black All Polished Heart with 2 Carved Dolphins - Paradise Blue All Polished Stone with Carved Dolphin


Large Koru Stone - Hira Stone with deep blasted panels

Sage Green Koro Stone - Coromandel Granite Boulder

Meeting House Stone


Standard Saddletop stone with light blasted island scene (can be done with any picture) - cut out fish

Fale stone with island flowers