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Memorials are one of the most cost effective purchases you will ever make. Granite memorials are designed to last for centuries and so work out to be great value for money. While they can cost thousands of dollars, in comparison to someone's life (and their funeral), this is a very small amount, we often spend far more on furniture, jewellery and vehicles that are only temporary. Don't be afraid of the costs, we can help you afford what you want and pay for it over enough time so that it doesn't stop you from meeting your other obligations.

The price of a granite memorial depends on the size, colour and number of polished or carved surfaces, and then what you have as an inscription and artwork. The size you can have is often dictated by the cemetery regulations for the area your plot is in. For these reasons, prices vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

The main cost is your granite, next is your inscription and then lastly any artwork and photos. City councils also charge a nominal permit fee. Here are some ideas on price so you can have a good idea before you start.

...Lawn Options

In most lawn cemeteries you have the choice of either a granite plaque (raised slightly on concrete) or a recumbent desk (wedge of granite), Some cemeteries allow for a base and vase blocks to be included. Here are some indicative prices. (Please note that these prices are for our regular sizes - if what you want is especially large it will cost more.)


depending on Size & Colour

Recumbent Desks  

depending on Size & Colour

Recumbent Desk Sets  

Depending on Complexity, Colour & Vase Blocks


Base sizes and materials are almost always regulated, particularly in council cemeteries. Mostly bases are granite but where they are allowed, bases can also be made of concrete.

You can have a base with or without vase holes and in a number of different sizes, colours and thicknesses. It is also possible to have a base that goes across two plots. Here are some indicative prices for some of our most common items.


Depending on size and complexity

Block Base  

Depending on size, thickness, and colour

M5 Splay Base  

Depending on size, thickness, and colour.

...Upright Headstones

An upright heastone usually accompanies a base. They can range in size from very small to enormous. They can be polished or rough, tall or wide, thick or thin, simple or intricate and can incorporate ellaborate designs and carvings. In this category is the most diverse range of pricing, and it is very hard to give exact prices till we narrow down the choices but here are some indications to get you started.

Classic Shapes:

Saddles, Cambers,

Straight Tops


Depending on size, colour, & thickness


Teardrops, Waves



Depending on size, colour, design, & thickness

Large Sets:

Alcoves, Pillars,


Split Saddles,


Depending on colour, design, & thickness


Open Books,

Closed Books,

Bible designs


Depending on colour, design, & thickness


Dolphins, Roses

Teddy Bears


Depending on size, colour, design complexity, & thickness


One off designs

  We make to order

$3700 +
Depending on size, colour, design complexity, & thickness


We charge a standard $2.5 per letter for painted white, silver (or any other colour) letters. Or $4 per letter for 23ct Gold leaf or expoxy fill. If you have a lot of inscription, talk to us about some of our special lettering deals.

...Second Inscriptions

If you have already had a memorial made adding a second inscription is only a very small charge, $900 - $1800 depending on size and if it is to be painted or have 23ct Gold leaf.


Art is the best value for your money. A picture can say a thousand words. For our standard traceries the cost ranges from $30 - $80 but we can also reproduce something special to you for around $250 depending on complexity.


Photos do much to make a memorial personal. These range from $400 for photoceramics to $800 for laser etching depending on size and complexity.


Most councils charge a fee to erect a headstone these fees can range from as little as nothing to a couple of hundred dollars depending on the cemetery. Most family or marae cemeteries are free. In Wellington there is a big range, $30 - $160. Some Auckland cemeteries charge $300+.


As you start to get some idea about what you want we will do up an individual quote for you, often with a few options so you can have some choices to discuss with family.


When it comes to price, we believe we offer the most value for money. We have specials targeted for particular groups to get the most value for your purchase and we regularly have special offers and sales. We hope to advantage as many families as possible. If you have a particular budget you are working to - let us know, we often have stones in stock that we can give you extra value on.

...Average Price

So what is an average price? As you can see from this page price depends on several factors. However for our clients if they are purchasing a Lawn Plaque most of them spend between $1000-$3000, if they are purchasing an upright headstone with granite base they usually spend between $4000-$6500. (This includes everthing, granite, inscription, artwork, photos, permits and installation)