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Memorials are a lasting tribute to those that have passed on. Putting in stone how you feel about your loved ones can bring a sense of peace, give closure and help in the grieving process. A grave may be visited for 100 years by the surviving family, and often provides a link through the generations to later members of the family not yet born.
There is something very special about memorialising our loved ones. It is one of the most loving things we can do. It reinforces the belief that our relationships continue past the grave, and can provide a focal point for comfort and inspiration for those left behind, for generations to come.

...Where to start

There are often regulations for particular areas which govern the type of memorial you may have. Council cemeteries all specify the type of materials memorials are made of, sizes they allow and whether it will be a lawn plaque or a monumental headstone. Private family cemeteries, or those associated with a marae usually have no such restrictions.

We can advise you of the various options you have once we have established which cemetery is involved and which area of the cemetery the person you are memorialising is interred.

...Parts to a memorial


The wording you choose is one way to make a memorial more personal. How you express your feelings, and what you say about a person is carved into stone as a permanent tribute to the special relationship you shared with them.
Traditionally the full name, dates of birth and death of the individual - or couple - together with words of love and appreciation form the basis of an inscription.

Some like to add the names of other family members, such as grandchildren, so their relationship to the deceased is recognised also.

If you need help with your wording, or are unsure about what is suitable, our consultants can help you with ideas that will ensure the finished memorial meets your expectations.

Wording is traditionally coloured white, silver, or gilded using 23-carat gold leaf, though it is available in any colour. For a lower maintenance option it can be embossed, (where the background is removed and the letters are left standing out from the granite).

The inscription can be enhanced by the choice of fonts and how they can be varied to emphasise different statements or words.


There are various ways to have a photograph transferred to a headstone or plaque.
Photoceramics use a photograph you provide, enhance it if necessary and reproduce it on porcelain. Several shapes and sizes are available.
Laser Etching transfers a photograph or drawing directly onto the granite. The finish is in shades of grey.
Monochrome images provide a more artistic result and the portrait can be left natural, coloured or gilded.
We have examples of all these options in our showrooms.


Artwork on a memorial can make a very special link to someone’s past work, hobbies, interests, beliefs or personality. Flowers, angels, crosses or other religious emblems are often used, but sporting icons, scenic images, pets, native birds or animals, cultural designs, military badges, and organisation emblems or logos are also popular. If you have an artist in the family, their drawing can be reproduced.

...Granite Shape

The shape of the headstone you select also can reflect the person you are memorialising. There are many shapes to choose from and if you wish, you can design your own! New technology has provided more opportunities to create “something different,” such as dolphins, teddy bears or hand-carved roses.
Limitless possibilities ensure you will be able to fulfil your desire to have a memorial that truly honours your loved one.


Other items may be added to a memorial at a later date, as the family grows. Where suitable, vase blocks may be engraved with names of children born in the years after the memorial is installed. A range of marble statues of angels, Jesus and Mary are also available as an alternative to carved granite. Portraits and artwork can be added at a later date, using the back of the headstone if necessary.

...Second Inscriptions

Often space is left on a headstone for an additional inscription at a later date. There may be many years pass before that space is required and when the time comes, family members may decide to start all over again with a new larger headstone.
In cases like this, Glover Memorials offer some trade-in options.


Granite prices depend on the size, colour, and number of polished or carved surfaces. What you can have is often dictated by the cemetery regulations for the area your plot is in. For these reasons, prices vary from a few hundred dollars, to several thousand dollars – there is no “average price” as too many different factors have to be taken into consideration. Check this page for pricing help or look at our specials page.

You will want to leave a lasting memorial. A granite headstone will last for hundreds of years. It will represent a person’s life to their friends and family now, and to future family members for generations to come.

...Family involvement

Sometimes there are many family members who want to have input into decisions made when organising a memorial. There are many things to consider and to facilitate this we are happy to arrange for group family conferences in our showroom. When we undertake the memorial we will provide you with a copy of the layouts by email so that you can share them with family.

We can provide a written quotation that the family can consider at a group meeting. We will do all we can to help families through this process.

...Restoration service

We offer a cleaning and restoration service, to help you maintain your granite memorial. We also undertake refurbishment of bronze plaques.

...Shipping to Pacific Islands

Many of our client’s memorials are sent “back home” to their island of origin. We offer an excellent service of crating the memorial for safety, arranging the shipping and documentation in time for the unveiling and insurance against damage during transit. If your memorial is going to one of the islands, please ensure you come in to arrange it in plenty of time so we can fit the completion time to the shipping schedule. Small panels or plaques can be bubble wrapped and taken with you on the plane as hand luggage.


Glover Memorials has been in the business of making memorials for over 100 years in the Wellington region and are proud to have been a founding member of the New Zealand Master Monumental Masons Association (NZMMMA)
We are committed to using only the finest quality materials, including qualified, skilled and experienced craftsmen. Our guarantee ensures the memorial we make will be a lasting tribute…as timeless as the memories you cherish.

We guarantee to repair or replace free of charge any part of the memorial that should prove to be defective in any way attributable to the material or our workmanship.